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I think that a better tutorial is sorely needed for this game, that's true but even ignoring the fact that there's still going to be a learning curve before players are going to be implementing all the tools at their disposal to the fullest, a game shouldn't be balanced around the minimum a player needs to make it through. Even as someone who has been playing cRPGs for close to a decade, I doubt I'd be playing this game at the level where I don't need a tank and healer until at least my third playthrough and I shouldn't have to wait that long to be able to experience a wider variety of charcater stories and interactions.

So you want to talk about balance? Like when I did not need the rest of the party for the hardest encounters in the game (Goblin camp, Minotaurs, dark grove) because they made the fights harder compared to doing them solo? Where is the balance at all at that? If I would need to take whole six slot party like in pillars or classic bg/pt/iwd I think I would need a tank as well because the balance is not around the party size but who you bring to the fight. I guess if playing without a rogue six party members would be better. Instead of nerfing the rogue now buffing the rest would be better and then you would not feel the need to bring more people because the people you have will be enough.

There is no balance. There are classes who are far better than others. But I suspect the better ones will be nerfed first till the system breaks and then rebuild from the ground up instead of buffing the weaker ones and making them viable too.

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Solo kill list: One stupid evil (displayed alignment) Githyanki warrior, a dark grove, a Zhentarim hideout full of "experienced" rogues, half a Goblin camp including two hobgoblins, two minotaurs, a bunch of underworld monsters and their wannabe sorcerous overlord