I've done my best to keep in mind 12 pages of suggestions which I have read but apologies if there is any duplication;

I know the game is in EA so will not comment on stability, quest breaks, glitches and what I believe will likely be implemented (like additional spells, NPCs, dialogue options or items)


0. Why do I care? - We need to care about our character and companions. Give us reasons to bond, dislike, agree, argue and generally care.
(I believe Larian always intend to do this but I found the absence of even basic motivation and background in EA surprising.)

1. If dynamic night & day is too much of a hassle can we have a static night/day? -Stealth is much easier at night.
2. Travelling merchants to allow basic items would be useful
3. Merchant protection - If they have a lot of gold and magic items they are a magnet for thieving. They should have guards etc but they should also be up for grabs if you're pillaging.
4. Local knowledge - you should be able to talk to the locals to understand what's happening in and around your location. Without knowing preparation becomes very difficult.
5. Reputation - doing things that are highly visible should garner a repuration one way or another
6. You made us link steam to the LArian account and allow crash reports - why not templated feedback reports? Multiple choice so you don;t get massive lists liek this?


1. Party formations - Everyone likes a different setup like a specific NPC in the middle or up front etc.
2. When a role to detect a trap etc *is successful* the party should auto stop. -Walked into a few detected traps
3. Environment clues - example; owlbear caves tend to have owlbear tracks, scent remains etc.
4. Consumption mechanics - food and water necessities of some sort could add to the need to make camp and converse with NPCs.
5. Water exploration - swimming or boating could present some great opportunities.
6. Aerial exploration - hot air balloon? Dragon riding? Potion of levitation?


1. At some point I'd expect enemies to move. Camping forever does not allow a lot of stealth
2. If I can move boxes and pile them 3-4 high why can't I jump on top of them?
3. Jumping is an OK replacement mechanic but some form of flying, climbing, grappling will add great options.
4. Disguising ourselves should be possible. That includes using a box or bush as moving cover.
5. Jumping always works - no danger in walking a narrow beam 10 meters off the ground. Tension makes scenes.


1. Collateral/spalsh damage - Missing an enemy with a ranged weapon might hit a close-by enemy or someone behind.
2. Acid is a terrible thing it makes no sense that it only causes an AC penalty. Call it corrosion or something.
3. Injury - bleeding, broken bones, incapacitation, limb loss etc would add a lot to the riskiness of battle and the necessity of rest.
4. Morale/emotions - the last 10HP golbin charging at my 4th level group makes no sense. That little runt should run for its life. Only undead and other special states fight to the death without question.
Fear, panic, amok, courage, rage etc should all be included in battle.
5. Set actions - basic actions that require no class seem to be missing; like charging at an enemy, choosing to focus only on defence or protecting an NPC by physically blocking access to it and keeping between it and an attacker
6. Attack from above - jumping down on an enemy seems a foregone conclusion if we can jump up.
7. Combinations - it would be nice if afte rdeveloping a bond with an NPC that attacks can combine. Push/pull etc.

I hope this list is useful and helps enrich a game with massive potential.