I think an in-game reporting system could be more effective than just having players post in forum and you could also get more data from it.

Here's my suggestion, at least for early-access versions:
- Add an in-game "report" button that will:
1. Pause the game
2. Have player describe the issue they are currently having
3. Capture screenshot
4. Gather combat logs
5. Get quest + location info
6. Gather any other info you might find useful... (computer info)
7. And finally, zip it all and send it to Larian

I think this can kill two birds with one stone for you: cleanly separate bugs from user feedback/suggestions in forums and get more robust data about bugs and where/when they happen.
You can also sort out the bugs later on your end using current quest and/or location etc...

I just started playing and I'm having a ton of technical issues. I'm trying to search for all my issues before I open a new thread but its hard using only forum search.
In my opinion BG3 has the potential to be a true masterpiece if all of these issues are resolved smile

Let me know what you think OP, hope this helps.