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What do you mean, "accent"?

It is a British accent. UK English and US English are factually both English. You just sound like pompous twit with your entire comment, but that's to be expected of a pom.

Well, interesting, what do we have here, an aggressive adversary of common sense? Marvelous. You sound like a salty offended by everything little pompous american blabbermouth, while I express my disagreement with adding diversity politics to the game that has no relation to this world.
Indeed, UK English is factually English, while colonial American English is an accent. Like any other accent. Now, seethe.

Go on, little american, keep defending the political diversity trash your friend Isaac (original poster) wants in game, based on race and skin colour. Yet, who cares.
My suggestion for you is to convert to metric system and use proper English.

Good day, sir.

P.S. Long live the Queen.
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I am just fng with you, dude XD Who cares about this, really.