A great list. And Larian, this is really great work you've done. I hope your devs are seeing all this feedback as a sign of respect for your craft and a love of DnD.

Here's my adds to this post:
- On the character panel screens (sheet, equipment, inventory, etc), make the currently active/selected character easier to identify
- Make scrolls show whether Wizards have or haven't learned it (either one)
- Make weapons and armour list who in your party has the proficiency to use it (don't list them if they don't). Use a coloured font for their name or add coloured dot to show the rarity of the item they currently have equipped in that slot.
- Fix the targeting when you're in a building. We're getting far too much pathing to the roof when we're clicking things inside
- Can we get a ground highlight for places we can jump to just like the sneak/visibility indicators?
- Ancient Mud Mephits seem to summon 2-3 Young Mud Mephits each. If they can't get to you, combat drags out while waiting for each mephit to figure out that it can't get to you.
- Dragging and moving characters in the party display (bottom left) seems too easy, while dragging and moving items in inventory seems too hard/laggy
- Can we get a "hold shift to select multiple" option for inventory items? Make it easy to drag a group from one place to another, or to tag as Wares or not, etc
- Can you make higher level spells stand out differently to lower level spells in the Spellbook screen? For example, we can see all the spell level 2 spells AND the spell level 1 spells on the Spell Level 2 line. Of course I'd like to be able to hotbar slot spells based on their level, but in the spellbook I'd like to see on each spell level line which spells can only be prepared from that spell level.
- Maybe make a row of buttons above the hotbar that represent Cantrips (C) and spell levels 1 - 9, allow us to hover over them to bring up a list of prepared spells at that level? One more button to the left for innate abilities, and we'd have a far neater hotbar that we wouldn't have to keep fiddling with.
- In combat, make climbing use movement
- Please remove fast travel in lieu of the very valuable Wizard teleporting spells (and mounted travel later/expansions, and possible Ranger abilities). It's okay to make us walk everywhere and have us want these things if we know we can achieve fast travel through sensical game mechanics. Heck, keep fast travel in if it means having to pay some wizard or ranger service for it (at least, until our Wizard/s can cast those spells themselves, and use their spell slots for it).
- When conversation choices show that a skill check will happen, add what our current skill mods are (e.g. PERSUASION +3, INTIMIDATION +5, DECEPTION +3)

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