This is pretty vague but just my consensus on the game right now. Pretty cool game for early access. The story and character's are very enjoyable and exciting, i loved the story side. Very immersive and lets me sink into the game.

The content at the moment is satisfying. I laughed outload when I saw the early access end cutscene, that was soo good. Thank you Swen Vincke, and the rest of your team.

Really liked the character creation and races option. Sad I couldn't get Astarion to turn me into a vampire. Was exited to play as a Mephistopheles Tiefling, cause Nightcrawler kek and liked the options of horns, skin tone and tattoos.

I think after all the hours of playing early access my biggest issue was dialogue rolls being absurd even for simple, plain and simple talking and chatting making it a nightmare to speak to people. Not because of the roll system, i like that. I mean there's multiple normal dialogue options that should not have a roll or at the very least should be adjusted to very low requirements to pass. It felt awful to play and never feel comfortable talking to any npc in case of a failure. I just think some dialogue rolls needs changing.
Also adding companions to the dialogue, so if you fail talking... Why can't your companions take over and smooth things or make matters worse? Why can't they interact when i fail a roll. Don't they get a say? Instead of repeating the same dialogue like they've never seen my companions, even when my companion is right in front of them? I really think features like that should be in the game. The way followers are included in conversations, they need more life in them, they're almost souless husks. In different playthroughs with the same followers, only pretty rarely would they comment or develop/show their character which was really interesting, but there wasn't enough of it to really take in. I'm very keen for character development and watching followers develop further and possible rivalry/friendships/relationships in future. That's my milk and cookies there.

Please continue to evolve different interactions with npc's predicaments, i really liked that Larian added different options to cure and ail certain npc's. I liked having to look through my bags or buy something, thinking in theory this would work and then finding out it worked was absolutely awesome.

As for bugs, my biggest issue would be clipping issues and texture tearing with glitched corpses zooming large limbs like a seizure. Then the freezing or crashing. Which has been reported. Changing to direct x 11 did help smooth things, but i could see constant stuttering and a reduction in smoothness in gameplay, bare in mind it's early access.

I doo like the combat it keeps it's classic crpg, especially close to divinity 1,2. However I think their needs to be a speed game up option and an actual pause button or when you press esc and go into menu and options, that needs to actually pause the game and not just keep it running in background.

I will say the best combat in an crpg game i've ever experienced was from Pillars of Eternity 2 and that still remains my favorite, nothing has beaten it. especially for combat mechanics and the speed/fun of each encounter. I could get the momentum to really enjoy the unique moves and combos. Where i feel that's lackluster in Baldur's Gate 3 and Divinity 1,2. Magic is flashy and cool, but it lacks the oomf and muster that can't seem to be emulated from imagination alone in DnD.

Please look at Pillars of Eternity 2 for example of great rts combat... well at least in my own selfish opinion.

The biggest flaw that needs attention is the a.i. Very glitchy, very unstable and awful. In all my playthroughs i've had enemies kill their allies because of nothing?? I cannot even comprehend why a group of enemies multiple times have killed each other when they're allies and then trying to kill me in a bloody threesome free for all murder bash???? Then passive npc's attacking other passive friendly npc's that were needed for quests, Bloody hell, they started attacking each other. What the F? I had to reload several times because of the a.i is awful. Could be for some reason giving a boon, heal or using psionic magic on a.i cause other a.i to trigger some recognize enemy script. But it's bad, and needs editing. As does the following stuttering and slowness. Clicking and following does not feel smooth, but very clunky and troublesome.

Also I think another problem with the game is that it feels, looks and acts like a re-skinned Divinity 2 game that's not finished. Like if Divinity 2 had a mod, this is it, but on an insane level. It just feels less like a Baldur's gate game if that makes sense. I really don't want to piss off developers and say their work doesn't suit Badlur's Gate. But I cannot say that I don't get this idea crawling into my head every time I play Baldur's Gate 3. As in it'll become a meme that Baldur's Gate 3 is just Divinity 3.
Then there's levels being too big, but also having twisted linear pathways that actually make it smaller, but wasted time in not a fun way at all by having to walk back and forth each taking a long while, even making simple tasks take much longer and finding myself getting bored, getting lost retracing to find a path, and it wasn't inside a maze.

This is just my biased opinion like everyone else's. I'm just being honest of my experience playing the game.

Lastly and through it all, the game is and can be very enjoyable. I don't regret my purchase, and I continue to enjoy the game. Look forward to further progress and updates. And a thank you to the developers for their hard work.

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