Moving into the game pretty slowly so im not terribly far in but i did want to chime in with a few things.

- Why is lighting a torch such a granular process? Do my characters really have no way to just light a torch? i really have to find another source of fire and use the dip command?
- If you jump somewhere please have companions that CAN make the jump do so
- Cantrips are doing a lot of damage early on because they are also doing environment damage. Fire Bolt specifically says "A flammable object hit by this spell ignites if it isn't being worn or carried." We shouldnt be taking double hits from these.
- The UI for characters / inventory feels redundant. Theres 3? screens for it? Charcter, inventory, equipment. I feel like this could be consolidated.
- Spell Duration needs to be in the tooltip. For instance there is no way to know how long Mage Armor will last until you cast it and look at the BUFF tooltip after the fact

Enjoying it a lot. Cant wait for just...more.

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