Dunno if this is the right thread, point me in the right direction please if it isn't, but these are the bugs I found while playing today: (also, amazing game, great work by the devs)

*when you headbutt astarion there is no sound of head hitting head
*in random conversations (such as the encounter with Shadowheart in front of the gates) characters will speak but their lips won't be moving
*when Nettie? (the halfling druid) holds the poisonous thorn branch and moves her arm, the branch remains in place in midair
*Arabelle's mother not looking at her, but instead at the player while scolding her
*when the sarcophagus with the undead guy with golden face decorations is opening, there is no sound of rock sliding across rock
*Astarion and the player have a permanent skill check d20 above head (the white line sillouethe one) which doesn't go away
*the scene where you take control of the Nautiloid is awesome, but I had the generic drum music in the background, it's very rhytmic and a bit slow, and with the action on scene (character being thrown through the air across the ship) I feel like a more actiony music track might be more appropriate here to increase the thrill