The worst thing about a game with RTwP is RTwP.

It doesn't matter what the other flaws in the game are, it doesn't matter how good the game is, it is always the worst part of the game. I've been playing D&D and D&D video games since they were using 16 bit color isometric maps and they were all turn-based. I don't understand why the original Baldur's Gate games were given that mechanic of the Infinity Engine other than "Lets try this out, it'll be action-packed and give you lots of freedom!." But in the end, it becomes a chaotic mess of things happening that you can't see to understand what's going on half the time. It is also a huge departure from D&D in general which works on turns bound by initiative. There are so many D&D rules purists out there complaining about action economy and here we have this thread saying to throw actions and action economy out the window in favor of a 20+ year old mechanic that wasn't the best then and hasn't aged well (I'd love to play Pillars of Eternity but w/RTwP? HARD PASS, I've tried).

I suppose it's the Baldur's Gate purists that say that it's not BG without RTwP and you know what, if you get what you want you'll be butchering this game for a sense of systematic nostalgia that should have never been born.