So Far I really like the companions, they seem to have good complexo stories, yet I don't feel like that is reflected in my interactions with them.

My biggest example is Lae'zel, I tried to roleplay a character 100% hating her, every oppotion I had to Go against her I did, I got so many dissapprovals, yet by the end of EA when we are ALL ok camp suddenly she wants me to sleep with her?

That might be explained as some weird hate sex, but the same happened to Gale, I did a lot of evil choices which he dissaproved, but still was hitting on me and oppening up about his biggest secrets.

So whats the point of approval if I'm not getting appropriate responses from the companions, I'd expect some of them to even leave me or turn on me at some points if It comes to that.

The same goes for companions with high approval, I put a ton of work on getting shadowherat to like me, several savescummings included, did her scene during camp party, but after that we come back and her dialogue doesn't seem to reflect any of that.
On the next day there was only one dialogue option about the Kiss and that was it, not even an entire conversation, on top of that she tells you the Kiss was a mistake she made last night and wouldn't happen again, even though It was already morning and very much after the alchool and party the night before, so very out of context as it was a very significant momento with her opening up a bit finally, just to be brushed off. So why even give us that dialogue option? I'd rather not have any than one that didn't even fit the continuity.

While I noticed some good points, like greetings changing with approval the companions don't seem to come to life yet, as most of their dialogue and it seems avaliability for romance doesn't seem to change.

By the end of EA I was left Very interested by their stories, and can't wait to find out more about them, but at the same time let down because I didn't feel like they were properly buildng a relantionship with my character.

Did anyone else feel the same?