-expand the party to 6 or 5 if you can't with 6.

-the longsword is too big.

-don't stop at lvl 14 or 12 for the game, expand to 20 please, you said you are going to give us multiclass, but lvl 14 for multiclass is a bit disappointing.

- More subclasses, the ranger have only two subclasses, i hope there is going to be more (gloom stalker, horizonwalker etc...). i know it is still Ea and some subclasses will not be implemented for obvious reasons (like the cavalier, gunslinger or samurai)

-we needs more origins for our characters (faceless, faction agent, far traveler, folk hero, inheritor, outlander, Pirate etc...) those i quoted are coherant with the game.

-Includes the psi classes , we have a tadpole who have psi powers, it is an opportunity to add them into the game.