Larian, please change the game title: I can't stand "BG3-don't-feel-BG" threads anymore!!! I think that if you change the title to Neverwinter Nights 3 or Temple of Elemental Evil 2 people will stop complaining!

Joking aside, this game is great, and a great adaptation of the D&D ruleset and the Forgotten Realms setting. I really like what I see here. I want to give positive feedback for a change.

Before someone says anything, yes I was born in the 80s and I have extensively played BG and BG2, and PnP RGPs. I also agree that the implementation of the D&D ruleset could be further improved, D:OS mechanics should be toned down, and having a larger party would be great. No, I don't want RtwP - this was a limitation of BG and BG2 IMO. But other than that the game is awesome. Keep up the good work.

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