hello all! This is my first time in an EA and making any frm of feedback but here goes. I am pretty far into the EA but haven't finished it.

I love the world and characters so far, but I feel that if we are going to have the option of a custom, we as players need a little bit more importance with our CC. Here is my list on what can be done for the CC.
1. Having a selectable origin that is mostly roleplay in nature.
- *mostly* is the keyword. A purpose that involves a quest or two to push the CC forward like everyone else would integrate us with everyone more.
- ex. The drow we meet in goblin fortress could be someone I am hunting as a Lolth sworn drow or someone that forced me to leave the undercity if I'm not Lolth Sworn.
2. Have certain "CC origins" that could actually coincide with an Origin Character's story. So instead of a bystander, i am more of a active participant.
- Currently I feel more importance as a CC when I play a Githyanki, because my story merges with laezal which causes my story to become more integrated with a Origin story. When I save Laezal and she tells more to find a Creshe, I felt narrativley compelled to actually do that first because my character was a githyanki and I as a player felt important.
- Maybe as a Cleric of Selune, I was given a mission to hunt down Shadowheart, but due to circumstances I can't really cut her down. Thus the narrative for my CC is a mixture of killing Shadowheart or getting to know her and maybe even converting myself or her.
- As a ranger, I could be a vampire hunter and meeting Astarion could go very differently. I might try to kill him but the tadpole won't let me maybe? Thus my narrative becomes entwined with Astarion as getting more info about the Vampire at BG would really help my mission in hunting down Vamps.
- Or an Adventurer origin, where I want to be a hero. I've heard of Wylle and he is kinda my hero, but I slowly learn that he is great because of his warlock deal, which may throw me for a loop or convince me to also make a deal.
- Mage characters might be looking for a relic or a spell. With Gale's story, what if my character has to make a dire choice of keeping the artifact I fought and bled for or save Gale.
- Right now I feel like, if I got my tadpole out, i'd just leave my party immediately and I feel there are a lot of ways to integrate our CCs into the Origin stories instead of making full blown origins for us which would cost a lot of money.
- There isn't enough for me as a CC to continue the story instead of following my Lolth Sworn ways.

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