I didn't see this one listed yet:

It's an optional rule in the PHB that you can use Strength instead of Charisma for Intimidation checks. Intimidation Checks should use the highest modifier of STR or CHA. This would help with the Barbarian and Fighter and others for certain social skill checks.

I admit that I don't know how to clearly express that in character creation and the Character panels except listing it under BOTH Strength and Charisma.


Short rests right now feel unfinished. They're functional, but lackluster and underwhelming. You hit a button and you get some health back. There isn't even any GUI element, just a button by the map.

Is that even using up your hit dice to heal? If you have more than one Hit die, do you get the option to spend more than one? What if you're full or near full and don't want to spend any?
I think Short Rests need a dedicated GUI where you can choose how many hit dice to roll, including none. You can roll the dice one at a time and stop when you're satisfied, or when you're out of dice to spend.

When done, click the "Finish Short Rest" button.


The game interprets throwing a health potion at an unconscious Findal as "MURDER Findal, using a health potion." I would rather it didn't.

Okay, YES, he was technically unconscious and unable to drink anything I threw at him, but I think the context of what I was trying to do was clear.

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