Currently just finished the EA after completing the majority of the currently available content on a more or less Chaotic Neutral Half-Wood Elf Rogue. I played with primarily Gale, Shadowheart, and Lae'zel and romanced Shadowheart. Most folks don't seem to be understanding what happens in EA lol but I think you guys are doing superb work integrating 5e into a gaming system. Plan to run through completion again on a Lawful Good Drow Fighter and a Neutral Evil Tiefling Warlock. Want to play a Lawful Neutral Dhampir/Vampire/Vampire Spawn Sorceress fighting their nature eventually or a neutral good Human Lycanthrope Psionic.

-Really enjoying the possibilities here, made a few intriguing Tieflings and Dwarves so far; I think a pair of interesting features would be separate sclera and iris color spots or body sliders but I know the work behind those features is no easy task. Maybe more head options for all races.
Get the grizzled 5-o-clock shadow beard option into the game lol

-Half-Elves to look more akin to their 5e art in the books, not outsplayed ears like bugbears just obviously more subtle elven ears that pay better credence to the blend of elven + X ancestry.
-As far as races are concerned I'd like to see Orcs, Goblins, Yuan-Ti for their dark sides and actually well written rich cultures, maybe Kenku for some real obscure conversations, Goliaths for the power barbarian build, Vampires or Vampire Spawn (since it's a sidestep from Astarion) and Lycanthropy eventually show up as they lead to some fun gameplay dynamics, later when BGII: EE got mod support it made for tense and silly moments for gameplay, like failing the Wisdom save and shifting in a public place or suddenly attacking your party and having to deal with the consequences or forgetting your sunblock cloak on your vamp and taking some serious damage.

Dialogue Selection:
-I agree to have spacebar only be for advancing dialogue not making selections; led to a few frustrating re-loads

-I'm not sure if it was my charming rogue or not, but it felt like some serious main character syndrome for every fallower in the party to find you irresistible at the Tiefling party which felt less organic lol

-The varied clutter is great, I like that most containers are empty and it feels like itemization is right;

-Rare items feel rare (albeit some feel quite weak and more punishing towards the player than functional).

-Shoving is great, lead to many fun puzzle solving moments (pushing goblins into spider pits and hook horrors off cliffs) jumping is fine; very strong on Githyanki as it should be but should probably provoke attacks of opportunity for all but the rougeish-types.