I just got done with my early access run and I wanted to offer my feedback.

I enjoy playing around with illusions when I play 5e and I think giving players a choice in what they make - kind of like what you're doing with Disguise Self - would go a long way towards making an illusionist both fun and viable. Here are just a few suggestions, which may or may not fit.
  • The player conjures up a terrifying visage, forcing enemies who see it to make a saving throw. If they fail, then they spend their remaining movement fleeing in the opposite direction. Alternatively, it could give them the feared status.
  • The player creates an illusion of a valuable jewel lying on the ground. Ideally an npc's reaction would be based on their personality, but since this is a video game they'd probably have to succeed on a saving throw or they'd walk over to pick up the object... setting them up to get punted off a cliff, locked in a cage, etc.
  • Something distracting is created, such as a doomsayer trying to preach about the end of times. While enemies are distracted, player characters have advantage on stealth rolls.

Here's some more general recommendations/feedback.
  • Please stick to 5e's ruleset as closely as possible. I know some changes are necessary since this is a video game(and if I'm being honest 5e's ranger class needs a buff), but it's a pretty good system for the most part and I know a lot of people really want to feel like they're playing D&D 5e in video game form. I feel like this will make balancing the game easier as well.
  • It'd be cool to see dice rolls during combat. Maybe as an optional feature, since I'm sure just as many players don't want to see them.
  • If you're not already planning on it, you might consider adding some subclasses not in the PHB. Personally I'm a big fan of Swashbucklers, but maybe you could do polls to figure out what people want most.
  • Would it be possible to change how surfaces work or is that baked into the Divinity engine? I'm thinking fire would be less annoying(and more true to D&D) if it was slow to spread, but would also spread to wooden objects such as crates and walkways. I feel like other surfaces probably shouldn't spread at all.
  • A way to tell the whole party to do things would be a nice QoL change. Sneaking in particular comes to mind.
  • I thought resurrection scrolls seemed a bit rare. It'd also be cool if you could have someone strong(such as Lae'zel) carry her dead companions body to camp to be stored until resurrected.
  • Personally I think allowing two short rests would be better than just one. It felt like I was relying on long rests a lot simply to renew my spells.
  • Food almost makes healing too easy. Since I played without Shadowheart, I figured I'd have to invest some money into healing potions.