after playing 2 hour in EA i refunded the game. reason? combat is very luckluster. its primitive and repetative and gets boring very fast.

i played both DOS and i have to say that this game is a huge step back. Devs pigeonhole themselves in this dnd mess of a system and i guess they couldnt do much after that/ but god why u dumped you own great combat system from DOS?

now all the strategy and tactics went out of the window. u cant really plan the combat if u have no idea what you ONE ATACK PER ROUND will hit for. it can be 1 or 6 or miss which is the case most of the time so here is that. we had 20 years of

gamedevelopment and you desided to go back to 1997?

The other big thing for me is this dice roll you have to watch through every dialog check. its just annoying, plz stop wasting players time with this. doestn do anyhting u just have to click through it every time