I have a list of bugs, but I'm less versed in the quality of life stuff (changing my notepad doc now lol). But I do have a couple things to add:

I absolutely loathe trading (in this game -- because I have played so many others!). I need to be able to click many at once, sell all to wares, etc. The drag and drop doesn't seem to work smoothly, so if I assign objects to wares, then let me sell them all at once. It is also not made clear between trade and barter. While I figured it out after fumbling around, I would like it to be a bit more obvious. Same with menus that allow me to trade with NPCs, not random traders in town.

Minimize completed quests in the Journal. Got spoiled in Divine Divinity wink I realize this was not how the OG BG went, but it was not what I liked doing -- painstakingly filtering manually every time I looked in my journal.

I'd also like to be able to filter the crit hit cutscenes. Nice and all, but repetitive and glitchy after a time. Just the text is enough for me while I am getting smacked into the next chasm.

I also believe it has been mentioned, but if not, I would like to have the option or have it more clear when dice rolls happen in combat. I think the feature somewhat exists (mousing over the log for each action), but it's either incomplete, buggy, or just not clear. Would like it to be consistent (sorry if that's just in progress!!!!)