I tried something during my 2. game and it totally broke the immersion..

So I'm in my 2. game and killed all the druids without even saying "Hello." The response of everyone around me was a let down. They were just "okayish" with it after I said that the druids were wrong - even though I did not talk to them.
I mean I just killed them without talking, slept one night between their corpses and after we woke up EVERYONE in the camp was DEAD. All druids and ALL Tieflings and my group was like "yeah you are right...you did the right thing...LET'S FIND HALSIN!!!!111" After a bloodshed like that at least 1-2 companions should have a serious talk with me. Because of us innocent people and children died and we cannot justify it at all.
That was a little...off. I had the option to tell Halsin that I killed all druids but that is not enough for a choice like that.
Also..okay I lied..ONE Tiefling was alive at the gate. BUT she also did not criticize me at ALL.
Also in the Goblin Town I could not tell the Drow that I alrady killed the druids and she did not see it even though I let her read my mind.

Also a general issue: More companions. Not in the actualy group but in general. It looks like we are going to stick with these companions and IMO there should be more and also different races. No halfling or dwarf companion is a letdown - for me at least.


I drank Gutt's potion and ended up in proison. I was saved and Gutt was killed. I returned to my group but no one even asked me what happenend.

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