First of all, a big thank you to Vometia for compiling all of this. smile

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I accidentally posted this in the general chat without seeing this. Sorry for any repetitions, but i spent so long on it already that i feel pretty done with it and dont feel like going over it a fourth time.

First of all id like to say thanks for a great game! I have really been enjoying diving into your world, and right now i have just over 40 hours played. This said, i came here to give you some feedback on things i think can be improved in the game.

All in all, despite the huge list of prefered changes above, i absolutely loved every minute of gameplay and i really think the game is in good hands. Thanks alot!

I agree with pretty much everything in this post. ( #687550 )

I'll try to keep this short and to the point and link to active discussions as much as possible:

1) SMARTER AI: not just the party, but also the enemy AI ought to be better at avoiding / moving out of hazardous surfaces
(e.g.: had an entire group of 5 enemies stand in fire without moving out of it, simply because they couldn't SEE my hiding party, while my wizard was going in and out of hiding refreshing said fire surface every 2 turns)

In line with this:

- reduce the overall amount / availability of hazardous surfaces (barrels, cantrips causing surfaces as a side effect, etc.)

- make the AI respond smarter to discovered TRAPS (if a trap is detected, everyone in the party should know it is there and avoid it)
- HIDING, when available, is pretty op when enemies MAKE NO EFFORT TO LOOK FOR YOU, despite you slowly killing them off from the shadows

2) COMBAT MOVEMENT / movement in general: make it more visible if performing an action or moving will have negative consequences for the character (e.g. move through a hazardous surface, jump damage). Make placing characters individually easier to accomplish. )

3) CONVERSATION: Make spells / abilities that influence the outcome of a conversation available DURING a conversation, especially if you have triggered a cutscene and can't 'prepare' with a spell beforehand. Also, allow switching of characters during a conversation.

Pressing space bar should not select a speech option.

Do not trigger a cutscene for one-liners.

4) CONTAINERS: When opening a container / bookcase, automatically close the tab when opening the next container or when moving away.

5) DECLUTTER: reduce the amount of random and worthless objects, reduce the amount of (empty) containers.

In line with this: make the 'HIGHLIGHT' function actually mean something by highlighting every interactable object.

6) PERCEPTION CHECKS: better highlight of what was actually perceived (focus in, flashing outline over a longer time, etc.)

7) PARTY QoL: Buttons for the entire party: Hold party, stealth party, etc.


9) XP REWARD for resolving a situation through conversation instead of combat
(link to the discussion the BG3 reddit: )

10) COMPANIONS: make them be more invested in the story and actually react to certain situations instead of simply standing around.
( e.g. meeting Astarion: )