A button to skip the tutorial would be nice. After playing through it 5 times, it becomes a little tedious.

(SPOILER, obv.) at the tiefling party, every one of my companions seems to be either romantically interested in me, or at least jealous of me picking someone else to romance, even though some of them have a very low attitude towards me. This just kind of makes no sense.

EDIT: another thing. I know you have built the game and all encounters for four party members, but wouldn't rebalancing it for 5 or 6 be worth it? Even if you say 6 is too much, I think we would all be happy with 5 too... So many things would be improved: first of all, just the FEELING of a D&D party would be improved in an instant. Also, more different classes in your team = more fun. Must I go on..?

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