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How do the real time with pause crowd see all the reaction abilities of 5e working?

Keep in mind many of them are based on finite resources so you cant have them just happen every time they /could/ be triggered. Also only 1 reaction a round, so 1 reaction every 6 seconds too.

Well, speaking for myself, I will be honest and blunt in saying I don't give a damn about the PnP rules. The whole point of making a video game is to not be limited by PnP rules and mechanics. What you see as greater tactical depth with these rules, I see as pedantic tedium in combat. The greatest way in which combat can be tactical is being able to handle the complexity of everyone going at once, simultaneously. Actors acting one by one in sequence automatically means simplicity and less tactical depth for me. I would go so far as to even call taking turns a form of cheesy cheating. So I have no problem with, and am exceedingly happy to see PnP D&D mechanics getting significantly changed (i.e. improved) in a D&D video game (and the same for a Pathfinder game btw). So a developer saying they are closely adhering to the PnP mechanics in a video game is not a selling point for me. Quite the opposite.

If they were actual improvements, I'd kinda agree. But so far, they arent. Kingmaker improved by turn based and the extra stuff that added.

As far as BG3 goes, it's a D&D game, it's based in a D&D setting with more complex functional rules. The thing is that there going to be a large proportion of players who went in expecting a D&D 5e game because that's what they were promised. And tbf, theyd be in their rights to request a refund if that isnt what they get.

We all know there will be some compromises, but the sheer amount of them required to do RTwP for D&D 5e is even higher than something like pathfinder.