I'm happy this compilation thread was made! I'm going to repost things I've suggested so far to add to this one list, so I apologize if it's already been read.

First, I love this game. Thank you for making a 5E RPG.
The Thief Rogue feature of an extra bonus action is really cool. I love being able to use light weapons and attacking three times. That is a good payoff for losing a lot of other options. I still really want the rogue Inquisitive or Swashbuckler classes.

The Rogue seriously needs their Expertise.
Sneak Attack needs to apply passively to off hand attacks if your main attack misses. If I attack twice and only the second hits (or third) then the sneak attack should still apply. This should also passively affect reaction attacks. (The rule is sneak attack once per turn, not round.)
Acrobatics seems useless so far but its normally my favorite skill. I would like uses for this in combat. You could make it an acrobatics maneuver to run around behind someone to backstab them (because right now anyone can do that for free.)
Allowing every character to disengage as a bonus action obviously makes melee combat weak, but I think you've heard that plenty.
The Rogue's Cunning Action would be nice to have improved more to separate them from what all characters can now do.
The Dodge action is missing.
There's no option to Feint, but I would like an action to use two weapon attacks in this way. Feinting with one to gain advantage on the other. Using skills other than just Deception for this same type of action would be great.
The Rogue is unable to run out of cover and make a sneak attack if they enter someone's line of sight in the process. Normally this should still work if they can reach the target and attack within their turn.
Triggering combat against many enemies at once due to one hostile action against a single target is sometimes uncalled for. Example: Sneak attacking an unaware or SLEEPING enemy, and not dealing enough damage to instantly kill them, so the entire area immediately targets and attacks you.

Face options are divided in an odd way. For males, the half elves have prettier faces, but they have body hair you can't edit. The full elves are hairless, but the faces are rougher and less attractive. It could be solved by simply allowing all face shapes for both, and allowing body hair choice. Some limited choice for body type would be nice too. (Waist size, limb thickness, muscle tone texture.)

Please allow us to only gain XP for the active members in the party, so that there is a reward for having a smaller party, or all the way to solo play to level much faster.

The dual wielder feat does not function, this may be known already. There's no AC increase even when both weapons are out in a combat stance.

It would be good if throwing a light or finesse weapon could become a bonus action (so a dual wielding rogue can "throw" knives with each hand.)

One thing I would love to see is using enemies as "cover" against other attackers.
The obvious way would be grappling one and holding them as a shield, but other methods not relying on STR would be better. (Since I obviously love the rogue.)
It's impossible for now since everyone can just disengage and run around any cover and avoid AOO.
Using chokepoints and arranging multiple enemies in a confined space so only a couple can hit you at once is an important tactic to have.
This could be another use for an acrobatics maneuver.
Another concept is impaling someone with one hand (since pin-down is already a concept) to keep them from running and using them as half cover.
I know that's a lot of "ideas" but these are things players actually do in my 5E games.

Thank you for reading.