I wholeheartedly agree with this post. It is probably the most annoying thing about this game at this point AND it is baffling to me they bothered coding this elaborate and cumbersome dragging method instead of a simple follow toggle key. At the start I was actually thinking you can't select characters by clicking the portraits at the lower left area because it required such a fast click to not drag the portraits that I was not able to change characters from there. If you drag a portrait even a tiny bit it will not switch to that character. Also kinda weird that you cant target abilities through portraits on as far as I could tell, although I may have only tried on the portraits in the initiative queue.

What i've done outside peaceful areas like the Druid grove, is to simply have all my characters not following each other and simply have my hand on number keys for characters and literally give move orders individually. It's far from ideal but a little LESS cumbersome than having follow on.

I have not read the full thread so someone might have already suggested these simple fixes that I would do.

1. Follow toggle key that enables/disables the full party follow. Hold down that toggle key and press the key or keys you have single party members bound to (in my case number keys) to toggle follow for those only. Additionally holding down follow key and clicking on portraits should do the same thing.

2.Give us a classic drag select and click method with formations.

I'd prefer having both options, especially if they implement WASD movement which I'm surprised wasn't in yet.