Current list of 5e serrious issues i noticed so far.
- Free prepeared spells change for anyone: No class can do it in base. "Longrest" only ability is free.
- Help action not implemented. One of the most basic core mechanics is missing - resulting in save scumming.
- Dodge action not implemented. Again one of most basic actions just don't exist.
- Wizards can learn divine spells. That's not just issue it's huge rude violation of spellcasting system. That's really really bad.
- Rogues missing expertise. Double prof bonus on skillschecks it's cournerstone of class.
- Cunning action limited to dash - just terrible. Dash, Disengage, Hide is basics of basics. SHould be reworked.
- Characters jump can exeed overall character speed - rude violation again. Still not fatal and giving some intresting options.
- Warlock missing 3 lvl. Pact boon feature.
- Hobo party. Normal heavy armor just don't exist and no options to choose starting gear. Not fatal but should be cosidered for all classes.
- Shadowheart borned to suffer. I really can't imagine someone create character that's limited with medium armor and have 8 Dex even in my worst nighmare. Probably stats should be tweaked. Clumsy trickster - absurd. Period.
- Ranger have strange and basically OP options in pregen inculding feat worth abilities. Why other classes don't?
- Animal compainion current realisations is one big mess. You have 11hp wolf(without default pack tactics ability) and piggy, 19 hp bear and... 32 hp spider with poisonous attack. Last one is raven that's merged from familiars and don't have any hp. AC summon is limitless. So you can spam 32 hp pet that's stronger then fighter for free. Nice.
- Ranger with one of backgrounds can cast summon familiar as rirual. Default ritual caster is wizard but he must spend speeslot each time.
- Bless spell working random you can't choose who you will bless. Bane - same issue. Targeting should be same way as Scorching Ray.
- Rogue sneak attack seems to be don't adding sometimes or don't adds at all with basic condition "rogue ally in melee with enemy" - which is core rogue mechanics.
Will stop for now and keepd digging.

P.S. Sorry if i'm repeating other ppl issues.

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