I have to agree with most being said here. My worst concernsa re this

1) Highlight feature (ALT) not highlighting nearly everything interactable. What the hell?
1b) when it actually highlights lootable objects and you click them, they go into your inventory. I mean like... seriously? Why would I ever want to pick up a chest full of items? Ok, there might some reason sometimes, but it absolutely totally should never ever be the *default* action

2) party size - I really hate how a lot of modern (c)RPGs cap party size at 4, it is so pointlessly limiting. I really loved the flexibility of 6-man party. So much more fun. I mean, if there is enough choice of characters, the current origin characters are just not enough, but I assume there will be a lot more eventually.

3) yeah, do let us cast buffing spells during dialogue

4) yeah, the companions seem to ignore a lot of what my character is doing, having not much opinions of their own

5) jumping - please, when you are jumping in normal mode, make other characters jump after the leading one automatically. ordering everyone to jump one by one is the most annoying thing ever, it makes no sesne out of combat.

Funny bonus issues:
6) so I think Wylle died before I could meet him. Was I supposed to meet him after the goblin fight in fornt of the druid grove? I noticed there is a corpse named Wylle, it was a random defender that jumped into the fry, trying to melee solo five goblins... Kinda unfortunate, really, I am playing an evil cleric and I was quite looking forward to running with a warlock...

7) Astarion - it is pretty funny that he has issues running water, being hurt because of vampiric flesh, long before you learn he is a vampire. I mean of course he cant not have issues, but maybe the effect could have different name at first?