As one example. Misty Step is cast as a Bonus Action and not a Standard Action. Or Rogue's Dash ability. Which is also a Bonus Action. I've been taking copious use of attacking then using Shove in combat. So lovely, gives me more breathing room. So yeah, 5th edition is all about Action Economy.

And the thing is, what matters most is the setting and the story.

Being able to play an actual Dwarf Cleric and not something that calls itself a Healer (Sorry PoE, but I couldn't stand your healer class) is part of what truly matters.

I'm not going to give my views about RTwP vs TB. I'm just stating that too many people are obsessed over the fact that its not Baldurs Gate unless it HAS real time with pause.

Well you know what? Times Change. The Ultima series started out as as a 2 dimensional overhead game. They later changed it to an isometric view and then finally tried to make a full 3d style game (I won't discuss why that failed abysmally). Times change and the games change as well. That's a simple fact of life we as gamers must come to accept. So long as the turn based combat does not destroy the story or make combat something to be hated, then the fact its turn based should be of zero importance.

So long as the HEART is intact, that's what matters.

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