Party management is a mess in and of itself, try re-arranging the portraits. Yeah good luck, want to slot in #4 into #2? Not happening. Gotta disconnect the person from the party and THEN slot them into #2.

Clicking a party members portrait to select them? Gods. I tent to click on a party member and hit the 1 key to use potion for healing, half the time it doesnt select the person. I've had a couple instances where I had to double back and realize the character wasn't selected and its a bit annoying. Why clicking the portrait doesn't register as a selection more often than not is both clunky and annoying. F1-F4 options are nice to select, but they should be options not a requirement to have it be responsive.

I never understood why click drag selection didn't exist in DOS1 or DOS2, and that its absent in BG3 is even more confusing.