Hello, my 2 cents as well. Like what i see so far, this EA is a great foundation to what's still to come.
All in all, there's a lot what i like in the current status of the game, the Larian team did an incredible job on this EA start, here are things what i personally would prefer to see in upcoming updates/patches. if im overlooking something already in there, sorry.

- couple of things need double-clicking atm, if there is no specific reason for it i would prefer to click less on an action to make it work
- some actions would be nice if they can apply to whole party with a shortkey? (all party hide for example). this might be solved with some party selection mechanics
- im very pleased with spells/cantrips and the idea of actions like throw, jump etc but im with those saying the basic actions like jump with the automatic disengage (and probably dash/shove) need tweaks and combat actions need more experimenting as currently combat is a little bit samey in the long term (and unnecessarily long with the whole party keep jumping/dashing around at the end of most rounds) and positioning beyond getting the high ground and attack of opportunities dont have too much weight atm. my understanding is that characters with more physical abilites (rather than magical) could use exclusive access to some unique physical abilities and skills, so they can make sure an enemy is not getting through them to attack the party's backline (wizards and archers) directly (taunting the enemy, knocking them down with a charge, disarming them or grabbing them so they cannot move, jump on their back etc). not sure about the weapon-specific special skills anybody can do with the weapon like pin down or cleave. my wizard is pinning a couple of enemies down with a bow which is a little strange. some experimenting with which characters have access to which actions based on skills/class/abilities would be good to see, it's EA after all and we are guinea pigs
- i hope we get teamwork feats/actions (careful targeting, secret language, team manouvers)
- i know more difficulty options are coming, i would like to have a difficulty option at final release which enables to save any time during the game but not in combat. this would make combats tense, the choice to get into a battle more tough it would probably generate more pre-planning before and during combat actions, and this would obviously make the RNG premutations much-much more valuable. I dont save scum every roll (never at dialogue skill checks) but i tend to load a save back quickly during combat instead starting to think in alternative solutions also im not that cautious with initiating any combat overall and usually im getting away with that and the occasionally bad RNG just frustrates me instead of making me think. Battle Brothers is a good example, it has a turn based combat system with not a lot of actions (no magic stuff), still the combat is really tense because you know you cannot save during it, not even when you had some bad rolls, you just know you have to win the fight somehow, from the start (when you are not even sure if you will have a good or bad streak)
- to be able to build traps would be nice (not by anyone but maybe with a specific skill/class), this could be ecouraged again with a no-save-in-combat difficulty option
- im also +1 for the idea to not know enemy stats/percentages until i dont experience them and to have a constantly growing bestiary (maybe difficulty option?)
- please give XP for non-combat solutions as well
- so far my favourite moments of the game is when the party discusses how they should solve their problems. very nice to see their thoughs and interactions it gives them a lot of character and it has a great im in a party where everybody thinks differently vibe, which is what i liked in earlier BG games. related to COOP my favourite moments in DOS1 was when we were able to criticize/admire the way the other one solved (or wants to solve) a quest or mock each other related to a critical fail or just pass some wisdom via our characters words regarding the world around us. cool and unique feature and i think it would go well with the approve/doesnt approve system
- would be nice to have a wait for evening button. the party might (especially an evil party) want to sneak into a goblin camp at night instead of daytime or rob an area. the game doesnt really need to have dynamic day-night cycle and npc schedules per se, but i think if the game has a cool light/dark dynamic already it would be nice to build on that and have the option to be able to wander around at night too
- i saw mentioned during interviews more use to social spells are coming which is great (charm, detect thoughts etc)

That's all, its already looking great im looking forward to future patches and improvements