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I'm cool with how it is. It feels like D&D -- having to wait ages for it to be the one character's turn again, etc. But I really need a pause feature that is a full stop, not a minute wasted, type of pause when I'm in the menu. Fine during multiplayer, but when I'm playing on my own, I don't want *anything* counting down while I go to the bathroom, get a snack, etc, without having to save and reload. I had a hard time adjusting to D&D IRL because I assumed it was akin to BG 1/2 where the turn based was less...clear. Then there are the games like D2: ED/DKS where there is a full out tactical pause. Tactical pause is nice, but I don't think it's true to D&D.

This is not part of this thread's issue, but yes I completely agree. Larian seems to have this pig-headed stubbornness about including pause during exploration that I find completely baffling. It's very annoying, and is something on my now very long list of essential mods I am hoping for.
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Well-done, I think RTwP is great, but the best turn-based systems are always better than the best RTwP systems.

Fair enough. My view is the exact opposite.
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If they were actual improvements, I'd kinda agree. But so far, they arent. Kingmaker improved by turn based and the extra stuff that added.

As far as BG3 goes, it's a D&D game, it's based in a D&D setting with more complex functional rules. The thing is that there going to be a large proportion of players who went in expecting a D&D 5e game because that's what they were promised. And tbf, theyd be in their rights to request a refund if that isnt what they get.

We all know there will be some compromises, but the sheer amount of them required to do RTwP for D&D 5e is even higher than something like pathfinder.

What is an improvement is in the eye of the beholder. The things Kingmaker left out for the game to work in RTwP are all things I couldn't care less about and which I don't believe add anything of value to my combat experience. All they do is to make combat longer and more tedious and more aggravating. I play role-playing games for the role-playing and NOT for the combat. As such, the combat part is something I consider I have to tolerate as the price to be paid for getting the fun role-playing parts of the game. ANYTHING that makes combat move along faster is ALWAYS my automatic preference, and the less combat there is in the game the better. That's why my hope had been that even though BG3 has TB combat, which I hate passionately, the game would have not that much combat overall so that I could at least enjoy it for its non-combat parts. But going by what I'm seeing in various streams, the game constantly throws silly combat encounters at you. So there goes that hope.
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So long as the turn based combat does not destroy the story or make combat something to be hated, then the fact its turn based should be of zero importance.

So long as the HEART is intact, that's what matters.

In principle, I would agree with this. And that is the only reason I am still here in this forum and remain so passionate in posting about the game. I love the Forgotten Realms, and consider it to be the best high fantasy setting of all. I also love D&D, though everything about it other than its combat mechanics. And I love the original BG games, because 20+ years ago they were the first RPG video games I ever played. So to repeat what I say above, after learning this game would have horrible combat that I will hate, my hope was that there would be enough in the non-combat parts of the game to still make it worth my time to play the game. But right now I am deeply skeptical of even that, especially in the context of a four-person party size and utterly unlikeable companions.