I killed Kagha for the "Save the Refugees" quest.

After killing her and exiting the area, I found Zevlor alive over around the training area with some other tieflings, but it was impossible to interact with him. No combat initiated or anything. The quest of killing Kagha was not marked as completed. I came across no hostile druids.

I rested. Then it appears Zevlor was dead, as well as Wyll (who I had recruited and was supposed to be at my camp), and then the quest was marked completed.

I have no idea how much of this is bug and how much is supposed to happen, but it comes off as very confusing and off. I suspect you are supposed to be able to join the fight and keep Zevlor alive, but instead it was like all characters involved there were in some kind of suspended animation (and I didn't even see any druids in the area... when I came back, too late, Arron was there and I had to kill him, but that was it).
Also it is bizarre that Wyll did not show up at my camp and instead wound up in the combat without any indicator other than the journal entry and his conspicuous absence at camp.

If this isn't bugged, it definitely needs some tweaks to the writing.

Other than that, most of the bugs I have seen are superficial (like a hilarious second Shadowheart popping up for a second when you recruit her or the characters once temporarily showing up as disembodied heads and hands because all their clothed parts became invisible), but this quest seems to be bugged to the point of either hurting the game or just confusing the hell out of the player.