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I have a glitch here.
Parts of the Stone Disks are invisible and if i turn them Symbols stay where they are and others are vanishing.
Clearly a Bug and no feature. Is this allready recognized?

Switching to DX11 doesnt help, so im currently stuck in the Goblin Temple as it seems.....
Or is there another way out of this?

I'm starting to think mine is bugged too because I am sure that when I turn the dials some of the symbols that are not "shared" are moving. It's like they just randomly swap places.

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Alternatively, There's a secret lever you may discover with a perception check that allows you to bypass the puzzle entirely.

My characters passed a perception check and someone said something like "Hey look at this" but this game does a terrible job of showing or highlighting what you found so I have no clue what we found because I still don't see a level or anything.

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Then turn each of the side dials once and you should get a dialog or hear some rumbling and a secret door opens up.

Thank you for the detailed response. I will try again when I get a chance. I'm almost hoping it's bugged for me so I don't feel so stupid. LOL.

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