Two little bug or lets say narrative inconsistencies with Aunti Ethel and the antitoxin
1) I kept playing after Nettie in the Grove poisoned until I met Auntie Ethel. Accepted the deal and then found anittoxin on the Veranda of Auntie Ethels house. But the anittoxin won't cure me..... seem illogical. There should be a way to cure my self and hiding it a Auntie Ethel would have such a nice twits but alas ....
2) In the conversation with the two brothers I chose to option to debunk Auntie Ethel. She promptly disappears after scolding me. When finding here she acts as if the two brothers are dead but no such thing happened upon my choice.

1) Once I replayed the wetlands with the illusion removed I find the two brothers dead. But not when illlusion is in place.
2) The apples in the wetlands do nothing when eaten. Well that's fine now that I know they are "just an illusion". Wouldn't it be even more fun to find them turned into a lump of clay once the illusion is dispelled?

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