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Is this really a debate for anyone who actually plays and loves dnd? I haven't met a dnd player who doesn't think real time with pause is not sabotage of the awesome tactical aspect of dnd (love Fireball? too bad).

I would expect those who think it's a debate to only know the videogames and haven't had experienced what tactical combat in dnd is. Which is not something to be blamed for, of course. But please, try it out before trying to push for the sabotage to continue.

I started playing D&D 2e in the 90's, but over time I moved onto various other edition of D&D including: D&D 3.0, D&D 3.5, D&D 4e, Pathfinder, and last year started playing D&D 5e. I love D&D, and prefer RTWP when I am in control of everyone in the party. If in BG3, you were ONLY in control of your own character, I actually wouldn't mind it being completely Turn Based. But I LOATHE having to micromanage more than 1 character each turn. It's like when you are at an actual D&D game, and the other 3-5 players don't show up, but the GM hands you their character sheets and tells you to play their characters for them. It isn't fun, atleast not for me. I want to play ONE character, not everyone elses. RTWP games generally let me do that because of the AI that they usually come with.