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But few seem to be following the format, which is unfortunate because I think that will make it harder for Larian to assess each proposal.

This is so correct. And it's an universal flaw with discussion forums. Unless the topic is very precise or the forum is split up into very precise sub forums, people tend to not bother reading the threads first or check to see if their idea is already under discussion. Because that takes time and many don't even find discussion interesting, but they still feel that their opinion matters and that they should be heard. So they create a new thread to say what they want to say. Meaning a forum flooded with threads were many deals with the same topic, drowning out the few that don't. And that is Vometias point. Remember, she stated that she does this in her spare time, which means she doesn't have time to read and merge every single thread.

I myself is a bit guilty for an enormous one-liner list in this thread, but that is because, after spending the majority of my day off, reading 841 threads in one go, in an attempt to compile what the community had asked for so far, when I was about to put in that list, with explanations and controversy mentioned, in a new thread, I discovered that Vometia had already done what I tried to do. But better. And I just couldn't bother going through all those 841 threads again, to be able to link them. Sorry for that, but I had a day off, not an eternity of time reading this forum.

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