- Helsin (in bear form) is unable to use Misty Step, Healing Word and Wolf Companion (for the record my MC has an Raven Familiar active at the same time). Autoattacking incorrectly uses his club and you can even dip his club for extra damage. Not sure why the bear can climb up and down ladders. Multiattack does not seem to be implemented properly as it is currently a single attack roll of 3d6. When reloading the game during combat, sometimes he shows up at the location when combat initially broke out, rather than his position when the save was taken.
- When sending a lone character away from the main party to speak to the hobgoblin, he identified my character as the killer of the mind flayer even though another party member did the deed.
- Jumping down the hole near the hobgoblin boss room without feather falling instantly kills my character (as expected) but sends their corpse to the middle of the campsite which is rather odd.
- Activating the mirror under Auntie Ethel's teahouse automatically teleports her nearby but does not initiate combat unless I manually attack her. She is also stuck at level 1 and does not drop anything if killed in this state.
- Even after killing Ethel, the masked people behind the arcane door are still under her control.
- Mage Hand is incompatble with Find Familiar, not sure whether that is intended or not.
- It is not obvious when the party identifies a trapped chest - they only say "this is interesting" and the chest simply glows. The only way to know that it is trapped is to right-click it and see the "Disarm" option appear.

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