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One of the things that bothers me (and I haven't seen it mentioned) is how experience is handled.

I feel like the "getting experience for killing" is a highly limiting approach - it enforces the mindset of "kill first, speak with dead later".
While there were moments during exploration where I was given some amount of experience, I have no indication to suggest that the "diplomatic approach" give me any experience (I legitimately don't know if you get experience for that - I did not look it up and, as mentioned, there was no indication of it happening in game).

I agree. Players really shouldn't be getting much experience for killing things, because it just encourages them to kill everything in sight. D&D even has a term for people who go around killing everyone: murder hobos.

I like how the original Baldur's Gate games handled experience. The bulk of it came from finishing quests, which I think would work great for Baldur's Gate III where they want to encourage players to find creative ways to accomplish their goals.