First and foremost, let's be clear - I love turn based combat and Larian's D:OS1/2 was absolutely great implementation of that with their homegrown rules, abilities and systems for these games.

That said - I really think BG3 turn based feels lacking and is probably too tied down by D&D 5e rulings. I understand that they have little choice in this because of license and all, but you very often end up with these super protracted battles against hordes of trash that ends up being a circus of misses on both sides leading to half an hour, if not more, battles where nothing actually happens. Like you sit in front of your screen and drool on keyboard while those 15 NPCs take their bloody turns only to finally have a go and get a bunch of misses or glancing blows out of it and the round it goes for what feels as eternity until you finally win the game of whack-a-mole.

Screenshot I attached below shows exactly what I'm talking about, it's a literal infuriating slog, where you go against a horde of pathetic enemies that can't even hit you for shit once you take out those 2-3 NPCs that actually mean business - this takes forever... *groan*...

I totally think they need to introduce ability to switch to real-time mode just for that and on top of it introduce combat speed slider and/or some adjustments to encounters or some such where at some point if you are obviously winning then weaker enemies start to flee for good and remove themselves from combat for good. Like tag trash mobs as minions and have them start turning tail once you take out all the officers/bosses/lords/lieutenants and so on - heck it would only make sense in that screenshot case, I slaughtered all their leaders in the temple and then took out big ogre and couple NPCs that are not 10/13 HP fiddle, that's a call to start packing there.

In short, you can't really toss D:OS2 hordes at us without D:OS2 action economy and with a bloody d20 D&D dice on top of it making Xcom games with their famous 99% chance to hit memes appealing. It is just a pointless slog.

[Linked Image]

And yes, as mentioned, I understand Larian is tied down by WoTC rulings and license, so they can't suddenly give everyone multiple actions per turn or make everyone do huge cleaves and such out the wazoo at will exactly to deal with above, like in D:OS games. That's why they probably begged WoTC to allow every class to have cunning action or some such and I guess this is why you have things like single target spells and abilities create surfaces, so you at least would get a bit more out of your turn. I totally understand and support them on that, even if it makes some purists screech.

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