Couple ideas, might be redundant but redundancy is good for statistics. This is a short list.

Camp may have spoiler

1. Camp Cleric - list of spells should be expanded to include healing, cure desease (okay brain doesn't want to spell). I can see it being exploitable if someone finds out how to duplicate gold, etc. Still with the amount of traps that are currently not showing up as disarmable, the things that make you ill, etc. It would be nice to have a secondary or tritary (??) third option to heal your party members. Adding another way to use resources (in this case gold) so your not burning through your clerics spells, health pots, food, etc. rapidly. Which may limit the amount of complaints from those struggling with the combat, and other things currently. This is also in keeping with 5e theme...

2. Skeleton?? Mummy? - Personal complaint is why does he have only a mummified head, while the rest of him is Skeletor? It should be one way or another in my opinion. Either he's complete skeleton, or complete mummy. The current way seems in my opinion a mashing of two ideas that in a sense doesn't convey strong feelings one way or another. Also to my mind just doesn't make sense.

3. The Camp - This is a curiousity tents appear, with no explanation, nor are they really useable. I can see how it adds a bit of flavor, but again as with a ton of barrels are they really necassary as they are currently unuseable, and except for side flavor add little to the game. Note: still thinking about this one myself as I'm not strongly for or against it.

4. Shadowheart (The Fickle One) - May be it's a bug, but still giving some feedback. Her randomly leaving the party is most annoying. If she leaves the camp it's fine, but when she's in a party she should at least say something before heading back to camp, then disappearing for a time.

5. The Companions - I personally believe they are fine, and don't need tweaks to make them (nicer), one need only go over the events that have forced them together, among other things. Captured by evil mindflayers (yup not going to make you trust, or be happy happy joyful), impregnated by said mindflayer (sure that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy), going to lose yourself as you turn into a mindflayer (Oh lets be friends with everyone we meet.), went through Hell (I need a new travel agent it seems positively lovely), fight demons and devils (just another day in a normal life), crashed a rare ship and nearly died all this time (a tea party is in order), and this doesn't take into consideration that every recruitable member of the party has sssecreets. Maybe it's my personal baised from having played pen and paper and seeing the same 'Oh we're in a party after just meeting so we're all friends, trope'

6. Not yet heard a dwarf say 'I'm caring a mules weight already!' okay this is just me wanting to hear it.

7. Overall impression. Of course it's still rough but its engaging, some outdated things in the story line (Being a Chosen is one and the biggest beef I have. Why can't I just be Joe Smo adventurer that got nabbed by filthy Mind Flayers and now has to find a way to get rid of it, and deal with his socially inept fellow pregnant people. Without all this Chosen bs.) Graphics have errors but are still as good as games that are fully released. Length of time is delicious since I know there is more coming out. Replayability so far is great, though some more dailogue options for each race would be nice. After all dwarves and elves don't see eye to eye. More like waist to eye, or eye to top of head. I'm looking forward to continueing each of my characters journey through FaRun, or restarting their journey over as incompatability happens. So far I'm enjoying Teethlings, and the interactions with all the npcs the game feels like it's actually a world, and not just a game. Cantrips for each race and subrace needs some work. To many have the same ones (this maybe a place holder). Also if you knock out people you should be doing the same amount of damage or slightly less. currently damage on a crit hit is 3, damage on a normal hit is 2. This no matter if your using a dagger, or a great axe.