I read the thread to this point and compiled all the repeating points I support, which are not on the first post (yet):

- a origin story would be nice
- more interactions from party member .. stronger opinions and consequences of your doing..
- more banters between party members (not only the pc) (e.g. BG anomen/keldorn, aerie/korgan, jan jansen/everyone, in DAO Morrigan/Mabari, Mass effect)
- more flags for camping... not telling your whole life story at the first camp, if you are not camping often (like telling everyone you are a vampire out of the blue)
- npc in later parts of the game.. npcs should have a life, goals and should act according (e.g. leave you, fight between party member, love between party members, comment on your choices and nag about them even later )
- wizards should not be able to learn spells from scrolls, which are not their class
- weather / day - night cycle
- get right of all the barrels oO
- better item and spell descriptions / lore / books
- alignment / reputation should play a bigger role (see npc reactions / leave you if you are to evil / good / do certain things)
- xp for non combat solutions
- fast travel should not be a teleport... it should trigger encounters if you travel through enemy territory
- cancel concentration on will
- an interface that shows details on progression for a given class and subclass - i.e. when I create a fighter I would like to be able to see what I can expect from the coming levels.
- would be great to be able to switch between companions during dialogues.
- dialogue options/ quest solutions tied to my selected background
- less divinity feeling more BG (much is in the presentation... and a bit in the writing. Some of it (UI, animations, voicework) (same shop as divinity e.g.)

Good detailed thread:

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