K playing on Steam version.
I have others but these are ones I have been able to reproduce whenever.

1. Longsword when viewed in inventory says 1d10 damage. When examined it says 1d8 for damage.
2. Spell gui has serious bugs or is highly confusing or both. Level 1 spells showing up in the level two area.
3. Separating a character from the group allows 1-2 turn and then the game locks up as far as any character actions though you can still save.

NOTE Spoiler's below

]The Blighted Villiage - Cellar quest. -
Past the Secret Door
The area is rife with Graphical bugs, Walls vanishing, Characters partially rendered if at all.
Scripted responses following touching the book of Thayan Magic is stuck with Astarion offering to carry the book
and there is no option following to clear the scripted sequence. I found that if I select another character one of them would let me go back to my game but several characters were now locked in dialog. I had stacked up stuff in front of the Gargoyles cause they just looked like bad news. Didn't matter. When I looted the book with one of the free characters, Door closed and Astarion and my mage and the Gith were inside. Some creative reviving later I got the book. and its worth 1 gold. lol. With Gith's magic hand, I even found a way to move the book to a safer area to loot but I don't dare interact with the book cause I'm sure the cut scene will put me back in the cell, lol. I know evil shouldn't profit when they are unwise but this needs a lot of work. If you want characters to get the book if they are willing to go through a lot of headaches and resources, make it worth something. Some spells and a curse or worth a lot of gold to the right person etc. Or you loot it and the party is disintegrated. I don't care but this needs something more besides just fixing the script bug.

A more pressing concern for me is I am being blocked from a LVL 2 slot. Take a look at Shadowhearts spell slots and know I can select nothing more so I am weakened because of this bug:. Grr, I can't get a screenshot of the full screen cause windows is stupid.

Want to know what I hate? Your perception attempt succeeds AFTER it explodes. I chose Astarian as a Thief rather than Arcane Thief. I guess I should have gotten the cantrip . Cause his Thief skills are way too late to be helpful.

I'm standing in front of the mine and my NPC thief has NO option to disarm Trap despite having the tools in his inventory. Give a thief some love. If they can't detect traps at a safe distance and disarm them, You devalue them in practice. My NPC Thief has apparently no bonus as a Thief to perceive traps. And the lack of options to defuse robs him of exp. ANyone with a bow can trigger the trap once perceived. Is 5e really like this? No option to disarm and no experience in even perceiving it? If you won't give the disarm option, then give exp for perceiving it even after it explodes. Sheesh

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