A major Issue I had, Bear Haslin didn't exist, no cutscene when I entered the pins.

Heres what I did before enter the room where he was suppose to be in: while looking for Haslin. I learned that Haslin turned himself to a bear, then I started killing the Goblin leaders and the who sanctum went hostile, I killed everyone. I did the moon puzzle and found my way into the underdark, I didn't explore the underdark, I just returned to camp and rested and then climbed the ladder to the sanctum to look for Haslin more. I finally made my way the the pins and killed the few goblins that where there. The Worgs where dead in their cells already. Cell Haslin would've been in was empty. I didn't know he was supposed to be in there until I looked it up online after several hours of searching. I saw on reddit so I had to reload a save before I started killing the leaders to trigger the cutscene.