There are a lot of interesting responses when it comes to romance in an rpg game. I personally do not mind having romance in an rpg game because you are role playing as the character and if you were living in this world, would you not be attracted to someone? Although Larian is creating Baldur's Gate 3, they did not create Baldur's Gate. This was originally a BioWare franchise. If anyone knows anything about BioWare is that they love doing romance. For Example, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, SWTOR and Baldur's Gate 2. As for the sex scenes in BG3 being explicit and some of you not liking that, all I can say is you don't have to romance them. That won't affect your gameplay, it never does. The only thing that does change with Romance is party banter and some of that is just hilarious, especially from BioWare. You realize how funny and nosey your companions are. I notice that BG3 has banter and I would love to see what my companions say when it comes to relationships. At the end of the day having romance in a video game is not a big deal. It always a choice, it's not forced.