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To be fair tho there were a looot of lootable chests, drawers, boxes, desks, barrels, etc in BG 1&2 that had nothing interesting in them. Do you have the enhanced editions on steam? I played them recently and if you make a point in actually looting everything you spend a lot of time looting stuff like a regular arrow, a dagger, a piece of coal, and so on. Stuff that even if you can sell it is worth so little gold/weight that its not worth draggong along.

That is true, but that is what RPG is about. You venture along, and explore. Lots of stuff is generic, and you know this.
But from time to time you find something of importance.

Like in BG3, in the abandoned village, there is a skeleton with a special helmet, which triggers something,.. That is exploring, and from time to time you stumble upon something special.

I agree, I dont want there to be very few containers but have all of them contain loot. My point was simply that I see some people saying there are lost of empty containers in BG3 that were not present in BG1&2 and I disagree. There were lots of containers that were empty or having nothing of interest in them in the original game as well, I suspect people have simply forgotten how many there were.