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I think the addition of game play elements of divinity is a good idea, but I think they focus to much on them. It feels to much like divinity.
For me following the d&d rule set is optional but the game should feel like BG and playing around surfaces for example feels not like BG. It feels like divinity.

I agree, Divinity has a lot of good stuff to offer DnD in video game format, just not too much and I think its an especially bad idea to start rewriting corner stones of class mechanics in favor of jamming in divinity mechanics everywhere possible.
Like the ranger and rogue changes. I liked what they have done to the ranger class, it feels versatile and somewhere in between a rogue and a fighter depending what you focus on, but the rogue on the other hand has been completely shafted. Giving every class a bonus action disengage and removing expertise from rogues makes it almost pointless to play a rogue when the ranger can do the same job but better.