I've seen few similar threads, but i just copy/paste my own just to throw something here

1. Colors - many people see the colors in BG3 and instantly compare to DOS2, but it's true, and i think it's because of so much similarities with light green, too bright. if you look at BG1 the colors were definitely darker green

2. Party control - i think in old BGs had it right, click on portrait that avatar was selected, select 2 or 3 use mouse, select all you get the idea. this chaining HAS TO GO, i spent yesterday most of the day playing, my wrist hurts now. and if you say it worked in DOS (not really) and that's precisely why it shouldn't be here

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6. Issue: Where is my XP-bar? Am I blind or isn't there any?

Yer blind smile it's under the character sheet (N)