I agree please up the the Party size to like 5 or 6, My big issue is that having a healer, you are ether forced to take Shadowheart or become the one with the healing magic. and as such with only 4 slots to work with you have NO wiggle room to customize your party. As it is ( I have not finished the First act yet) but I am not a fan of the Character Shadowheart at least not if I am wanting to play the good hero, as she gets mad at me every time I am trying to help people.
With a party of 5 you can actually do something with it, having the ones you like plus the healer Shadowheart, Or having more companions to choose from. As it is two of them are kinda just angry and supper aggressive to the player character and what seems to be no real reason. I really like the game so far in how it plays ect. I would Just like to have more companions to choose from and PLEASE up the party size, 4 is just not enjoyable to me and makes playing what I would like to play really hard.