At Nettie, I refused to give my hand, then dodged and then intimidated her (all successful rolls). She gave up without asking for promise but remained in the room and when I talked to her again she acted as if I'd be poisoned (even though I was not since I did not give her my arm and dodged her). And wanted promise for the antidote.

I told Shadowheart to stay in the camp and at some point she got missing. She had to be recruited again in Druid's grove where she acted as if we'd not have any history together yet so it was definitely a bug.

To the old skeleton's question in Dank's Crypt in I said the only life which matters is mine and then I had to answer again with this option missing. I'm not 100 percent sure if it is a bug or not but it felt strange to me.

-At several dialogs (sadly I forgot to keep the exact track) Drow option was missing the "Drow" string between [] brackets.
-Cut-screens camera is sometimes quite crazy, the worst it was during my dream in the camp.

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