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This is not part of this thread's issue, but yes I completely agree. Larian seems to have this pig-headed stubbornness about including pause during exploration that I find completely baffling. It's very annoying, and is something on my now very long list of essential mods I am hoping for.

It's because of the free-roaming drop-in, drop-out co-op. But exploration mode pause is already in. Press space to enter turn-based mode at any time.

Yes I also have concluded the same thing. But surely it could be added in just for single-player?

In any case, now that the game is out and presumably you are actually playing it, please tell me this. When you use the spacebar to enter TB mode in exploration, can you directly exit that mode just like that, or do you have to take some actions while in TB mode before you can disengage from it? In other words, does it functionally work exactly the same way as pausing the game, which is to say that time inside the game does not pass when you are in TB mode?