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2. The difficulty of some dice rolls is absurd. Astarion is a pale guy with red eyes and visible fangs and he doesn't sleep at night, but when you see him next to a dead drained boar and he plays a fool, you must roll 15 or more to guess he's a vampire.

So I'm with you on the "five consecutive dice rolls conversation", but this is nonsense. Astarion is an Elf, who like all Elves, doesn't sleep at night. He uses the same meditating animations PC Elves do. And also no, you aren't likely to leap to the conclusion that the pale Elf guy stood next to you under the midday sun is a vampire, I would think. Since he should, if he is, be a pile of ash at that point.

According to Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes (p. 38), in the "Dreams from Beyond Memory" sidebar: Yes, elves can sleep, but find dreams to be mysterious and weird so they generally choose not to. I forgot about it completely and got confused by the conversation with Astarion in which he explained why he does not sleep when it's so late. The explanation was that he got used to the luxurious bed. I admit I was wrong about sleeping, but I don't buy Astarion's sun resistance. His fangs are obvious, even more abvious when he stands next to a drained boar.